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Toshiba understands how important it is for you to have the right set of marketing materials at your fingertips in order to be successful. Which is why we provide a wide range of tools that are easy to access and targeted to the specific needs of your customers and prospects.


Sell Sheets

Includes both series-level standard product literature and series-level product sheets with customizable options for build-to-order (BTO) opportunities.

dynaEdge Education Sell Sheet
dynaEdge Business Sell Sheet
Tecra® A50 Sell Sheet
Tecra® C Series Sell Sheet
Portégé® X20W Sell Sheet
Portégé® X20W BTO Sell Sheet
Portégé® X30 Sell Sheet
Portégé® X30T BTO Sell Sheet
Tecra® X40 Sell Sheet
Tecra® X40 BTO Sell Sheet
Tecra® Z40 Sell Sheet
Tecra® Z50 Sell Sheet
Thunderbolt 3 Dock Sell Sheet
Docking Sell Sheet


Product Messaging

Short and long descriptions, headlines, branding copy and more are yours to use in this comprehensive document.

CSD Messaging Guide



These grids provide an at-a-glance overview of all of Toshiba featured laptops and accessories.

Accessory Grid
Laptop Grid


Additional Collateral

Beyond the essential sell sheet, Toshiba provides vertical market and expanded product literature.

Portégé® X20W Reviews Flyer
Product Overview Brochure
Education Brochure
SMB Flyer



Co-brand your marketing with easy to access Toshiba logos.

Toshiba Logo (Color)
Toshiba Logo (White)



A picture is worth 1,000 words; these downloadable high quality images will help you speak volumes.

Portégé® A30 Images
Tecra® A40 Images
Tecra® A50 Images
Tecra® C40 Images
Tecra® C50 Images
Portégé® X20W Images
Portégé® X30 Images
Tecra® X40 Images
Portégé® Z20t Images
Portégé® Z30 Images
Tecra® Z40 Images
Tecra® Z50 Images


Case Studies

Let one of these successful deployments help you win business and create your own success story.

Orange USD
Tustin USD
Batra Vision Medical Group
Pinehurst Chiropractic
Walkthrough Media
Loftysoft AB
The Boru Group
Duchesne Academy
Marble Falls School District
Ottawa USD 290
Legal Mobile Solutions



Toshiba's partner programs are designed with a simple goal—help you gain the competitive edge needed to win more sales.

Quality Replacement Guarantee Program
Deal Registration Program
Gov/Ed Program
Demo Program
Channel Partner Programs


Product Battle Cards

Quickly identify the unique selling features associated with each laptop series so you can give your customers the perfect solution.

Portégé® A30 Battle Card
Tecra® A40 Battle Card
Tecra® A50 Battle Card
Tecra® C40 Battle Card
Tecra® C50 Battle Card
Portégé® X20W Battle Card
Portégé® X30 Battle Card
Tecra® X40 Battle Card
Portégé® Z20t Battle Card
Portégé® Z30 Battle Card
Tecra® Z40 Battle Card
Tecra® Z50 Battle Card


Build to Order
Deal Registration
On-Site Bid
Quality Replacement

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